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Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)?

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How to Download Photos into your desktop?

 1. Choose a photo that you like.
 2. Select the perfect size resolution for your computer.
 3. And it will be displayed in your desktop.

How to Add Your Own Photos?

Open up the "Photo Browser" Then press the "Add Photo" option at the lower right and just locate your photos in your computer and that's it.

View, Print & Play Puzzle Game with your photos

Open up the "Photo Browser" Then just right click on any photo to see a menu.

You can view, print, set as wallpaper, and play slide puzzle game with the photos.

Changing the Settings Options


Make sure "Use Cool Wallpaper" is checked to use wallpapers in this program. Uncheck to disable wallpapers.

Option to Enlarge, Center or Tile the wallpaper.

Options to select when to automatically rotate your wallpapers for you.

Screen Savers

Make sure to select "CoolWall" to display wallpapers that you downloaded as screen saver.

This also controls all screen saver in your computer and give you complete control of them.

Options to select how long your computer id idle before screen saver starts.


Option to select to set photos as wallpaper right after download.

Option to view in full size after download is complete.

Option to change or disable the "Daily new Wallpaper" reminder.


These option allows you to control what photos are going to be rotated and displayed as wallpaper and as screen savers.

You can select all photos or use selected photos only or to use photos in a selected folder.

Automatic Download

Option to download a daily new wallpaper to your computer automatically each day.

Blank - Will not download photos.
Grey Checked - Will download daily photos in that Category.
Black checked - Will download daily photos in this Category and will set it as desktop wallpaper after download.

If there are two black checked check boxes then the first will be chosen for the wallpaper.


Options to hide desktop icons & show only transparent icon title.

Option to show calendar on your desktop.

Task Bar Tray

Make sure to check this option in order to use any function in this software.

Uncheck to disable it from starting up.

Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)?

1. I have "Cool Wallpaper Software" installed, But when I click on a photo to download, it still tells me that I need it installed?

This usually means that your browser does not have cookie enabled. Please click here and if it says that cookie has been set then try downloading a photo it should work fine now.

2. I downloaded one of the animated wallpapers, but now I want it gone. How do I get rid of it?

You can delete the animated wallpaper by going to the "web" section of your "desktop properties" by right clicking on your desktop screen. Or just move your mouse over the top of the screen and the close window menu will appear for it.

3. I have lose my password. How do I retrieve it ?

Please enter your email at http://www.coolwallpaper.com/scripts/admin/remember.html  and your password will be email to you.

4. How do I delete photos in the "Photo Browser"?

Just right click on the photo and then select delete.

5. How do I move photos from one folder to another in the "Photo Browser"?

Just move your mouse over the photo and then "Drag and drop" the photo to any folder on the left menu.

6. How do I uninstall "Cool Wallpaper Software"?

Please go to the Control Panel in your computer to uninstall the program. An uninstaller is also included in the folder when you originally install "Cool Wallpaper Manager". And also in your "Start>>Programs>>CoolWallpaper" menu.


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